DOK is an annual conference for women of all ages and denominations in Eastern Europe. Our aim is to teach the women that they are valued, loved and created to make a difference in their spheres of influence. Many of the women cannot afford to pay the full conference fee due to their poor economic circumstances. We ask them to pay a part of the fee and we raise funds to subsidise the rest.


Daughters of the King Conferences in the Balkans

Daughters of the King Conferences are for women of all ages and all denominations who live in Eastern Europe and surrounding nations. It was founded by Grethe Stanley who together with her husband Andrew worked for many years in the Balkan region on reconciliation and building bridges between the Christian leaders.
In March 2007 the first Daughters of the King Conference was held in Vukovar, Croatia. From there it has steadily grown from 70 women up to 700. There is a main conference held annually in April as well as annual regional mini conferences in Macedonia in May and in October in BiH, Croatia and Serbia. The aim of the conferences are: –

  • To inspire and empower women to become who God created them to be.
  • To show them how they can embrace life with a smile, and have a passion and a concern for those around them.
  • To equip them to be more effective and to “take their rightful place” in the family, the church and their community.
  • To create opportunities for God to move in their lives allowing them to experience the power, presence and beauty of God.
  • That they as “Daughters of the King” know that they have been born for a time such as this. Esther 4: 14b ‘…and who is to say that you have not come to the kingdom even for such a time as this’. Esther was a woman who made an impact on her people and her nation by her obedience to what God required of her.
  • For more information please go the their website or contact Grethe Stanley