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The Reason

“Daughters of Hope” was established in Australia to give every woman an opportunity to experience the encouragement of coming together, under one banner, to experience the power and love of God in their lives; to bring them wholeness and purpose. We do this by holding an affordable one day conference annually. Our plan is to add to this by making mentoring and retreats available.
“Daughters of Hope Incorporated” is a non-profit organisation. Apart from the ministries we hope to develop in Australia we exist to raise funds for women in Eastern Europe – Specifically to support “Daughters of The King” conferences and the Pro Life Centres which have developed out of these conferences.

How are funds raised?

Jewelry and other products are purchased from women who have either been rescued from sexual exploitation or live in very poor conditions. These products are then sold at jewelry parties, expos, fairs, clubs etc.

When you purchase any of our beautifully hand made jewelry or buy any of the other products, you will not only be helping to raise funds for the women in Eastern Europe but you will also be helping to improve the lifestyle of those who make the jewelry.

Through this the public are made aware of the fact that there is more human slavery now than in any other time in history. At the Conferences and wherever Daughters of Hope go, the aim is to promote the wonderful organizations who are involved in rescuing, restoring and redeeming these precious women and children.